"I absolutely love brainstorming a project and pulling together elements to make it come alive in a new and exciting way. Aesthetics, layouts, color coordination, all around “dope” things to see and experience are what I’m driven by and driven to."


Driven by her passion for executing creative projects with foresight and professionalism, Anique’s experience and background are as unique as her first name.


A native of Montclair, NJ, Anique is a graduate of Howard University with a degree in Communications/Television Production and minor in Theatre Arts. Her skill in organization and logistical support, allowed her to climb to the top of administrative ranks, serving as Executive Assistant to C-level executives at both LivingSocial.com (now Groupon) and Under Armour, Inc. 


Prior to her corporate career Anique had a successful career as a professional dancer working along side various recording artists and on entertainment projects for tours, live shows, videos and movies.


Having always been a person of many talents, her love of creative pursuits are stronger than ever. This excitement is very evident in what she calls her “Passion Projects” where she has developed logos, managed websites, project managed and strategized social media marketing campaigns for newly established businesses. 


Anique is excited by any opportunity to utilize her artistic perspective, especially those that help lifestyle and fashion brands reach their full potential by identifying unique aesthetics and strategies. Her unique blend of skills in high-level logistical coordination as well as her creative ability, offers those who work with her a partner who’s an innovative thinker who can also execute and communicate ideas to various audiences.


Outside of the office, Anique is a lover of all things entertainment, beauty and fashion whose love of travel has taken her around the world. Having relocated back to the D.C. metro area in 2011, she, her husband and two-year-old daughter enjoy time with family and participate in various community events in the nearby cities of Baltimore and Washington, DC.